Mayada Mossad


English Instructor



B.A. Faculty of Languages and Translation, English Department, Al-Azhar University, Cairo. 

Fulfilling successfully Translation Diploma Program at Faculty of Arts, English Department, Cairo University. 

Completing successfully Fundamentals Of Digital Transformation at HTC Cairo University. 

Fulfilling successfully Educational and Psychological Qualification Course for Teachers at Center for Developing University Education (CDUE) Ain Shams University, Egypt. 

Attending successfully Training Course entitled, “Developing Learners Pre-Intermediate A2 on the CEFR Common Framework of Reference” at AUC, Egypt. 

Completing successfully Behavior Modification Training Course at RTC, Egypt. 

Fulfilling successfully Self-Management Training Course at RTC, Egypt.


Work experience 

 Fulltime Teacher of English language as a Second Language at Orouba Language, Cairo, Egypt. From: Sep., 2019 till 2023.


Freelancer English <> Arabic translator and subtitler at Cairo, Egypt. From: Jan., 2018 till now.


 Volunteer English <> Arabic translator at Translators without Borders, Cairo, Egypt. From: June., 2021 till now.


 Fulltime English <> Arabic translator at Arabic School of Translation (AST), Cairo, Egypt. From: Aug., 2016 till March, 2018.

Total Trainees